Nächstes Schnuppertraining Sonntag 04. Mai 2014 um 14h!

Anmeldung unter/registration under roberta@crossfitzuerich.ch


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Wednesday 23.04.14

Choose between "Elizabeth": 21-15-9 clean and ring dips


"Diane": 21-15-9 DL and hanstand push ups

scaling options: normal dips (with bands) for Elizabeth, push ups instead of HSPU for Diane


Yesterday's Deadlift, shoulder press and "Karen" weights/times!

Tuesday 22.04.14

A: 1RM Deadlift

B: 1RM shoulder press

C: "Karen": 150 wallballs for time, 20/14lbs

Monday 21.04.14

A: 1RM overhead squat

B: 1RM snatch

C: chose between 500m or 2k row for time


It's up to the coach to give space for open gym/alternative workout on the red training area for those who have done OH squat and snatch last friday and don't want to go for another PR.

Saturday 19.04.14

Make up day

A: 1RM back squat, 1RM front squat, 1RM Bench press

B: Fran, Jackie, Cindy or Grace

C: 1RM weighted pull up, 1RM weighted Dip, max rep strictpull ups and dips, max rep kipping pull ups


Workouts and space will be organized by coaches, no open gym from 11-13h, no oly lifting, open gym from 13-14:30

Friday 18.04.14

A: 1RM overhead squat

B: 1RM snatch

C: chose between 500m or 2k row for time


Yesterdays Grace and Cindy times/rounds. Great Job everybody!


Yesterday's Results:

Another successful day at your box.

Thursday 17.04.14

A: spend 15min on oly lifting technique, light weights only, focus on form and speed

B: chose between

"Grace": clean & jerk 135/95lbs, 30 reps for time


"Cindy": AMRAP 20min, 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 squats