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Tessin Outdoor Camp


Experience the fifth edition of Reebok CrossFit Zurich’s 3-day Outdoor camp in the lovely surroundings of the "Centovalli", southern Switzerland! Including trail runs through beautiful forests, Caveman style WOD's, swimming in ice-cold rivers, agility training on the rocks, canyoning, time to party and much more....!


The Camp is physically and technically demanding, so please consider the following questions:
• Have you been CrossFitting consistently for at least 3 months?
• Are you confident in your skills and consistency in the core CrossFit movements & confident that the coaching team would agree with your assessment?
• Do you want to test your limits or discover something new about yourself or become a better athlete, leader or coach?
• Are you prepared to train outside and willing to work hard and with good judgment for hours while offering your support and motivation to your fellow team members?

If you can answer all of this questions with "yes" and perform 50 Burpees on the spot shouting "I love burpees", then this is for you...


The small village "Palagnedra" in the wild Centovalli ("hundred valleys") will be our basis from where we will head out to train our bodies and search to calm our mind and souls from the daily stress.


In the costs of CHF 390.- per Person is included:
• Professional coaching
• All outdoor activities
• 3 nights at a private hostel
• breakfast (a kitchen is at free disposal)

For sign up, write to

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9:00am 9:00am

Team Winner with Dmitry Klokov

We are very proud to announce that Klokov is coming to Reebok CrossFit Zürich!! He will give the same seminar twice, on Saturday and on Sunday.
So you can choose which day fits you better.

Costs: SFR 300.00 (your spot will be guaranteed as soon as payment arrives)

Here some info to the course:
Seminar starts at 9.00 (each day, same time)
He will show us how he trains:).
10.00-13.00 snatch, several special exercises
13.00-14.00 lunch
14.00-16.30 clean and jerk (some special exercises)
16,30-17,30 extra exercises, that will help participants to become better in technique + discussion
17.30 questions, foto, autographs and e.c.

Sign up by email:


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to Jun 13

Malta Beach Camp


Villas are been booked: Pictures below

Breakfast included

Bus transportation everyday included

Will be working together with a crossfit box:

there will be beach wods, wods at the box then free afternoons for beach time:)

Price: 1500.- Sfr.

Sign up via


Activities been set:


1.Full Day Malta Excursion. (Valletta, Mdina and three cities)

Pictures below


2.Exclusive Round Malta Cruise – Visiting the 3 inlands including, gozo, comino and the Blue Lagoon.  A full day trip which showcases what the Maltese coastline is all about. Catching glimpses of the impressive cliffs and other spectacular views of Maltas untouched beauty .  Heading towards the famous Blue lagoon in Comino where you can spend time exploring the island or swimming or snorkelling in the tranquil turquoise waters.  

Pictures below


3.Malta Extravaganza Shows:  A unique Maltese folklore show and dinner, giving eager audiences a glimpse of Malta through the ages, as this tiny but significant island of ours journeys from the prehistoric to present times.  A talented cast of dances and entertainers dressing in rich medieval costumes and shining armour together with our magnificent horses will entertain, excite and amuse you during two hours of non-stop action song and dance.

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to Mar 22

Movement Seminar

Embrace Movement!

Ido Portal is coming to Zürich to, March 21st/ 22nd!!!
This is a 2 day seminar called movement x.
Costs 675 USD (this amount needs to be paid im Swiss Francs. I if the payment is less than 675 USD in Swiss Francs, your place is not guarantied) 

For conversion click:

Sign up by email:

Here some info to the course:
The Movement Experience (Movement-X)
(led by the Ido Portal team: Ido or Odelia or John)

The Movement Experience is about presenting a revolutionary approach to movement development, unlike anything seen elsewhere.
During the event, participants will be exposed to concepts such as:

- Handbalancing - developing handstands from the ground up, covering tools for proper alignment, breathing patterns, support capacity, wrist conditioning and more. Also supporting intermediate and advanced practitioners on their journey towards dynamic sets and one arm handstands.

- Gymnastics and Bodyweight Strength - the Ido Portal Method applied to bodyweight skills such as front levers, planches and Gymnastics rings strength development as well as the very basics - chin ups, push ups and dips - learn the most well thought out approach in the market, tailored to your level. Get your first chin up/muscle up/one arm chin - with some of the knowledge shared, your journey will be quicker than ever.

- Locomotion - Ido Portal's movement language that includes floor flow work with low acrobatics elements, animal locomotion, low gait, inversions, gliding patterns and much more. Locomotion includes 1200 (twelve hundred) elements, it is the most sophisticated flow system taught on the market.

- The Corset - building a flexible body armor around the body. A unique and extreme approach to bullet proofing the body while making huge gains in mobility, strength and movement accessibility.

- Movement Refinement/terminology - creating refined motor control for later implementation into your movement development - if you are interested in achieving an advanced movement practice like one arm handstands, low level quadrupedaling, flips, twists or one arm chin ups - you will need to control small and articulated refined motor actions using certain segments of the body in Isolation. The height of your movement refinement will dictate the height of your movement complexity.

- Kinetic Koans - confronting movement riddles and learning to approach them while reaping benefits such as movement intelligence and adaptability.
Workshops Span

12 hours spread over 2 days, 10:00AM - 18:00PM on both days with a lunch break scheduled at 13:00-15:00

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to Mar 31

Trim Up for the Spring Challenge

This will be a one month Challenge to help you trim up for the Spring. It is a fun group challenge with a buddy system with nutrition guidance and Saturday morning WOD's. 

Sign up Deadline is 22.02. Write to There is no extra cost.

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