Tuesday 23.05.2017

A: 6 Rounds Increasing:
1 Squat Snatch
3 OH Squats

B: Every 2 min for 12 min (6 Rounds):
12 T2B
20 Air Squats
Athlete should finish within 90 sec. If not possible, scale number of reps.

Monday 22.05.2017

A: Push Press

B: FTD Scaled Qualifier:
2 min AMRAP DB Push Press (40/25)
Immediately into, For Time (TC: 10 min)
50 DU
21 Burpee Box Jumps
50 DU
15 Burpee Box Jumps
50 DU
9 Burpee Box Jumps

C: 4x Max Hanging L Hold

Saturday 20.05.2017

A: Find 5RM Front Squat, then
3 x 3 with same weight

B: "AMRAP 12 Min
6 Jumping Squats (35/15)
5 Meter Handstand Walk or 20 Shoulder Taps
12  DB Push Press (50/35)

C: For Quality: 100 Hollow Rocks 

Friday 19.05.2017

A: 4 Sets w/tempo 3011
5-8 Ring Rows

B: 4 Rounds, 2 min at each Station
KB C& J (1 arm per minute)
Double KB or DB OH Walk
Strict T2B
If enough KBs, people can try double KB C&J. 

Thursday 18.05.2017

A: 6 Rounds, Increasing Weight:
1 Squat Clean
1 Hang Power Clean
3 max vertical jumps after each set 

B: For Time:
12 Clean & Jerks (145/105)
24 Push Ups
9 Clean & Jerks
18 Push Ups
6 Clean & Jerks
12 Push Ups
3 Clean & Jerks
6 Push Ups


A: Back Squat
Then 1x8 Reps the same weight used for the set of 4 Reps

B: AMRAP 9 Min
8 OH Squats (115/85)
16 Burpees Over Bar

C: 5 Min to find your max number of unbroken DU

Tuesday 16.05.2017

A: 5Sets:
5-8 Strict Chest 2 Bar Pull Ups
5-10 Strict Ring Dips
Athlete should choose a number of reps and stick with it for all 5 sets. If someone cannot do 5, they do as many as they can and finish the rest with negative or do all 5 negative.

B: 6 min AMRAP
3 pull ups, 2 C2B, 1 Bar MU
1 Rep counts as all movements done unbroken

Scaled: Choose a challenging amount of C2B or Pull ups to do unbroken. For example, 4 kipping pull ups. Each time 4 unbroken pull ups are done, counts as 1 rep.
6 min working on the kip swing (hollow to superman)

C: Double Alternating Tabata
Heavy Wall Balls (30/20)
Box Jump Overs

Monday 15.05.2017

A: Work Up to a Single Heavy DB Snatch
3 x 3 on each arm w/ 70-80%

B: 4 Rounds for Time:
20/15 Cal Row or 18/13 Cal AB
10 Alternating DB Snatches (55/40)
Full classes, start a second heat 60-90 sec behind

C: 3 Sets of 10-15 Reps
2 Different Rotator Cuff Exercises

Saturday 13.05.2017

A: 10 Min Clean Technique

B: Batman and Robin (30 min TC)
For Time in Teams of 2, Alternate Rounds between Partners
20 Rounds:
7 Hang Power Cleans (95/65)
7 Thrusters
7 Bar Facing Burpees

Friday 12.05.17

A: Find 1 RM Front Squat THEN with 80% Max Reps

B: AMRAP 9 min: 3,6,9,12 etc
Pull Ups 6 Deadlifts (225/175)
Always do 6 Deadlifts but number of pull ups goes up by 3 each round

Floor Swimming

Thursday 11.05.2017

A) 5x5 with Tempo 40x1, Seated DB Strict Press & DB Bent Over Row

B) Every 5 min for 25 min (5 Rounds): Run 400m, 12-14 Burpee Over the Box
Full classes start 2nd group 2.5 min after 1st group so everyone has a box 


Dear Members

Thanks for your loyalty we are delighted to welcome you into the next chapter of Crossfit Zürich. At the moment we are full and can’t take any new members so we aren’t offering foundation courses. We would like to focus our efforts into our members and the community!

We are happy to welcome our new team member Karma at the reception. As well as competent guidance Karma offers you hiss homemade salads with local ingredients, fresh from your friendly neighborhood farmer. Throw in some sauce, shake it and enjoy the healthy meal. Let Karma know if you have any suggestions about what the team could improve behind the reception!

We have 3 new healthy protein bars from Pozzi. The Pozzi Bar has high-grade nutrients: 20g whey protein, 20g dietary fiber and 10g good fats. Its free of admixture, gluten free and covers your protein needs before or after the workout.

Unfortunately, we need to watch the dropping of bars! The vibration causes structural damage on our neighbor’s wall and vibration in the office. Therefore, we need to be resilient on the no dropping policy. Please follow the advices of your coach and don’t drop weights. We are in process of developing new drop mats and a new oly platform. Thanks for your understanding and remember not dropping is its on form of “extra work”!


Tuesday 09.05.2017

A: Find 1 RM Back Squat

B: Death By Thruster
(Max 15 Min. Take weight you can do at least 8-9 min)

C: 4 Rounds:
40 sec: Alternate 5 sec Hollow Hold & 5 tuck ups
1 Min: Bicep Curls w/BB

Monday 08.05.2017

A: 8-6-4-4-2-2

B: Strict JT (Time Cap 20 min)
Ring Dips
Push Ups
Handstand Push Ups
Dips on Paralell Bars or Box
Push Ups on Box
HSPU with knees or feet on box or DB Strict Press

Saturday 06.05.2017

A: 3-3-3-3 TNG Snatch

B. "Bear Complex"

For Time:
1 Bear Complex (165/125)
2 Bear Complexes (155/115)
3 Bear Complexes (135/95)
4 Bear Complexes (115/75)
1 Bear Complex = 1 Power Clean, 1 Front Squat, 1 Push Press (bar to back), 1 Back Squat, 1 Push Press (bar comes back to front rack)

Friday 05.05.2017


EMOM 40 Min
Min 1: 18/12 Cal Row
Min 2: Max Rep Strict Press (55/35)
Min 3: 8 DB or KB Box Step Overs (35/20) or (16/8 kg)
Min 4:  8 - 12 Push Ups (Optional: clapping push ups)

Thursday 04.05.2017

A: Front Squat 4x2
Same weight all sets. Should be heavier than last week.

B: 4 Rounds for Quality:
8 Ring Rows
2-4 Wall Walks

C: 21-15-9
KB Swings (32/20)
Gobblet Squats w/ KB

Wednesday 03.05.2017

A: 7 Rounds, Increasing Weight:
1 Push Jerk
2 Split Jerk

B: 3 Rounds:
40/30 Cal Row or 35/25 Cal AB
30 Push Press (85/55)
Scale on Box if can't do them on parallels or rings
Rest 2 min