Tuesday 27.06.2017

A: Full Stop (no TnG) Deadlift 4-4-4-4
Inbetween sets:
 5-8 Strict Pull Up w/2 sec pause at top  

B: 4 Rounds For Time:
Row 20/15 Cal or 18/13 Cal AB
15 S2OH (50/35)
30 jumping lunges

Monday 26.06.2017

A: Front Squat w/tempo 22x1  
Tempo and form more important than weight

B: "Annie"
For Time:

C: 3 Rounds:
10  Side Plank Hip Raises each side w/2 sec pause on top
10 Chest Only Supermans w/2 sec pause on top

Friday 23.06.2017

A: 4 Sets:
12 Box Step Ups
one DB OH and the other like a suit case. Alternate legs each rep. Switch arm position each set.
6-10 Hanging Around the Worlds

B: For Time:
3 Rounds
30/25 Cal Rowing or 27/22 Cal AB or 200m Run
15 Burpees
5 Squat Snatches (125/85)
STC Particpants, scale to 2 rounds and just move smoothly/easily through movements

Thursday 22.06.2017

A:  4 Sets:
2x 4 Position Pause Clean DL + 1 Power Clean (pause 2 sec in receiveing position)

8 (4 per arm) Seated Alternating KB Arnold Press

In case you forgot the 4 positions :)
1. 4 cm off ground
2. Hang (Above Knee)
3. High Hang/ Pocket
4. Full Extension

B: AMRAP 7 Min:
5 KB Snatches per arm (24/16)
16 Single Arm KB OH Walking Lunges (24/16)
10 T2B

C: 4 x 30 sec Hollow Hold
Inbetween sets, practice free standing Handstand

Wednesday 21.06.2017

A: 5 Sets:
4 Back Squats (stay at same weight)
6-8 Ring Rows w/ tempo 31x3
Make sure athletes are at a scaling level where they can hold 3 secs on top of ring row w/rings touching the chest. If they can't pull high enough, scale where the feet are.

B: For Time: 
50 Air Squats
30 Hand Release Push Ups
40 Air Squats
25 Hand Release Push Ups
30 Air Squats
20 Hand Release Push Ups
20 Air Squats
15 Hand Release Push Ups
10 Air Squats
10 hand Release Push Ups

Tuesday 20.06.2017

A: 5 Sets, increasing weight:
1 Hang Muscle Snatch +
1 Below the Knee Muscle Snatch +
1 Full Muscle Snatch

B: Teams of 2, AMRAP 5 Min
1,1,2,2,3,3,4,4 etc. Power Snatch (95/65)
I go, You go style. Partner A does 1 rep, then Partner B 1 rep. Partner A 2 reps, Partner B 2 reps etc.

Teams of 2, AMRAP 5 Min
1,1,2,2,3,3 etc. Suicide Sprints
Same patern as part B.
Full Classes, half start with snatch AMRAP and other half start with sprints. Or maybe the sprints can be done outside? Make the suicide sprints short.

Monday 19.06.2017

A: Find 3RM OH Squat

B: 2 Rounds, Max Reps:
60 Seconds Rope Pull Ups
Rest 1 min
60 Seconds DU
Rest 1 min
60 Seconds Dips
Rest 1 min
60 Seconds Wall Balls (30/20 lbs)
Rest 1 min

Saturday 17.06.2017

A: EMOM 10 min:
1 Squat Clean, Increasing weight

B: AMRAP 10 Min
1 Power Clean (135/95)
1 Front Squat (135/95)
1 Shoulder to Overhead (135/95)
2 Power Cleans
2 Front Squats
2 Shoulder to Overhead
3 Power Cleans
3 Front Squats
3 Shoulder to Overhead

Friday 16.06.2017


A: Starting at 75-80% of your 1 RM Strict Press,
3 Sets, decreasing weight:
Max Strict Press -> into Max Push Press -> Max Push jerk
Do as many strict presses as possible. When you fail, go directly to push press until failure then immediately into max push jerk. Take off weight each round. First set should have minimum 4 strict presses

B: Death By (TC: 15 min):
  KB Swings (24/16) & Box Jumps starting w/ 3 reps each
at 0, 3 KBS + 3 BJ. Increase 1 rep of both exercises each minute.

Thursday 15.06.2017

A: 4 Rounds, Not for Time:
8 DB Bench Press w/ tempo 20x0
30 ec Chin Over Bar Hold
16 Ring Rows
It's not for time but athlete should move continuously through the rounds. Scale to point where reps can be done unbroken.

B: General Conditioning
20 Min Running Clock
0-5: Assault Bike/Row
5-10: AMRAP 10m Handstand Walk + 10 GHD Sit Ups
*Scaling: 20m Backward bear crawl, 10 v-ups or tuck ups
10-15: Jump Rope AMRAP: 20 SU, 10 single each leg, 10 DU
15-20: 10 Deadlifts (135/95) + Max L-Hang/tuck Hold

Tuesday 13.06.2017

A : 5 x 2, Increasing Weight
4 Position Pause Snatch Deadlift
1. 4 cm off ground
2. Hang (Above Knee)
3. High Hang/ Pocket
4. Full Extension
Should hold with snatch grip. This exercise is to work on muscle memory of going through correct positions in the snatch. Positioning is more important than weight.

B: For Time:
Run 400m
30 Pull Ups
Run 400m
20 C2B
Run 400m
10  Bar MU

Monday 12.06.2017

A : 4 Rounds
8 Bulgarian Split Squats each leg w/temp 30x1
( Double KB Front Rack Position)
Rest 45 sec
 5 Strict Pull Ups w/tempo 21x1 ( add weight if too easy)
Rest 1 min

B: AMRAP 7 Min
30 DU
10 Push Ups
5 Burpees

C: 4 Rounds:
30-60 Sec Push Up Hold on Rings
20m Crab Walk

Saturday 10.06.2017

A: 3 Rounds:
30 sec on/ 30 sec off
Strict T2B
Slam Ball to Shoulder (alternate shoulders)

B: In Teams of 3, 25 min AMRAP
400m Sandbag Run (all 3 run, switch bag as needed)
60 T2B
60 OH Squats (115/75)
30 Synchronized Burpee Over Bar

Thursday 08.06.2017

A: Back Squat
3 Wave Sets:
5-3-1 (increasing weight)
Start first set with medium weight. On the 2nd set, start your 5 reps at the same weight you did 3 reps in the previous set. On 3rd set, start 5 Reps at same weight as 3 reps in 2nd set.
Don't let people start to heavy! 

B: For Time:
500m Row or 20 Cal AB
Double KB C&J
Snatch (each arm)
Goblet Squat
Try to use same KB for all movements

Wednesday 07.06.2017

A: Work Up to a Heavy Split Jerk
3x2 w/ 90% of today's Heavy

B: For Time:
S2OH (135/95)

C: 4 Sets:
5-7 Upside Down KB Press each side
10-15 Band Pull Aparts

Monday 05.06.2017

A: 4 Sets:
5-10 Commando Pull Ups (alternate grip each set)
3 Turkish Get Ups each side (try to increase weight each set)

B: Every 3 min for 12 min (4 Rounds):
Row 20/15 Cal
23 Wall Balls 20/14

C: Alternating Tabata:
- Hollow Hold
- Support Hold on Rings (add tuck or L Hold for challenge)