Ski erg 1k Competition results

Congratulations to all participants and the price winners:

1. Rang Damen: Anne-Sofie Sundholm
2. Rang Damen: Maria Geizelhardt
3. Rang Damen: Olivia Wyss

1. Rang Herren: Norbert Simkovic
2. Rang Herren: Robert Ardel
3. Rang Herren: Samuel Sträuli

All results including Coaches and Pro Athletes:

Barnabé Delarze 3:02.8
Lukas Esslinger 3:04.0
Henry Kulla 3:06.9
Titus Thut 3:14.6
Marius Grieder 3:15.4
Andy Orsinger 3:17.8
Silvan Zehnder 3:23.5
Fiorin Rüedi 3:27.0
Norbert Simkovic 3:30.2
Robert Ardel 3:30.9
Moritz Furrer 3:36.2
Samuel Sträuli 3:37.0
Filipe Ribeiro 3:39.2
Gabriel Poritz 3:43.9
Robin Bergamin 3:47.0
Marco Harzog 3:48.0
Michael Mühlemann 3:49.0
Alvaro Bernudez 3:50.0
Felix Schmidt 3:50.3
Justine Boddy 3:53.9
Felix Kolgozinsh 3:54.0
Sergio Bertank 3:55.4
Stefan Schneider 3:57.0
Christopher Laubert 3:59.0
Andreas Bachmann 4:04.6
Anne-Sofie Sundholm 4:07.3
Claudius Flum 4:09.1
Maria Geizelhardt 4:09.5
Ignacio Bengofchea 4:10.9
Roman Bonnot 4:11.0
Nicola Vcasino 4:11.2
Cedric Membrez 4:11.9
Olivia Wyss 4:14.1
Przemsylaw Potrzasaj 4:14.3
Fabio Pieracenzi 4:14.9
Manuel Garcia 4:15.7
Brian Sparks 4:15.9
Jose Colomer 4:16.0
Erik Antos 4:18.1
Luca Coraggio 4:20.3
Alain Chiolero 4:22.0
Annatina Portmann 4:22.0
Lorenz Pfanzelter 4:24.8
Ivan Vrdoljak 4:30.0
Cyril Hottinger 4:35.0
Cynthia Charles 4:45.0
Olivia Wooley 4:49.1
Andrea Keller 4:51.6
Daniel Kroning 4:55.0
Karolina Bell 4:56.6
Jessie Andrianjaka 5:01.9
Channette Külzer 5:04.0
Seshank Ambarukaana 5:05.9
Aline Taveira 5:08.1
Alessia Peroli 5:09.9
Elif Arskan 5:13.0
Olivia Bissig 5:20.0
Natasha Williams 5:58.1
Itana Celic 6:00.7
Melissa Gil 7:07.1

Special Yoga classes in October

Dear Members

We are happy to announce two special Yoga classes in October. The classes will be held Tuesday 3.& 10. of October at 7pm. Guest Coach will be Jeff Grant, a good friend and one of the first members of CrossFit Zürich back in 2009. Jeff's background spans a mix of CrossFit coaching, yoga teaching, and endurance sports coaching. His yoga teaching education includes 600+ hours of teacher training education in styles such as Ashtanga Vinyasa, Yin, and Rocket. Jeff also authored a book on running, “Flow State Runner.” Jeff’s yoga students have ranged from athletes to military to office workers. His yoga classes for athletes include a mix of yang and yin styles, designed to aid recovery, improve mobility and help create mental stillness during and after each class. Try it out!

New Fight Fit Classes

Dear Members (english version below)

Wir freuen uns euch ab Anfang nächster Woche 4. September neue Zusatzklassen mit Coach Marcelo anbieten zu können. 

Fight Fit Ist eine Kombination aus verschiedenen Elementen aus dem Boxen, Thaiboxen und  Functional Training und bietet allen Teilnehmenden egal ob jung oder alt die Möglichkeit, bis an die persönliche Leistungsgrenze vorzustoßen. Im Fight Fit fördern wir Kondition, Koordination, Selbstverteidigung , Ausdauer,  Kraft und Fitness. Es braucht keine Vorkenntnisse um einzusteigen. Jede(r)  ist willkommen in einem motivierenden Gruppen-Ambiente zu trainieren. Fight Fit wird von erfahrenen Kampfsportlern und Crossfit Trainern geleitet und ist die perfekte Ergänzung und Abwechslung zum CrossFit Training. Zeiten: Montag und Mittwoch um 18 Uhr.

We are happy to introduce new specialty classes with Coach Marcelo beginning next week 4. September.

Fight Fit Is a combination from different elements from boxing, kick boxing and functional training and offers all participants, whether young or old, the possibility to push to new limits. In Fight Fit we train coordination, self defense, endurance and much more! There is no previous knowledge needed, you can start right away! Fight Fit is coached by experienced martial artist and CrossFit trainers and is the perfect addition to CrossFit. Times: Monday and Wednesday 6pm

See you soon!
Team Reebok CrossFit Zürich

Rowing Workshop Basic 1

Rowing Workshop Basic 1 

Es ist uns eine grosse Freude euch einen Ruder Workshop mit Olivia Wyss anbieten zu können. 
•    10 Jahre Spitzensport / Mitglied im Schweizer Ruder Nationalteam (2005-2014)
•    Teilnahmen an Weltcups und Weltmeisterschaften im Einer und Doppelzweier
•    mehrfache Schweizer Meisterin im Einer und Doppelzweier
•    MSc Food Science, Nutrition and Health, ETH Zürich

Inhalt des Workshops:
•    Kennenlernen des Rowers: Einstellungen (Display, Drag Factor, Fussplatte), Handling
•    Funktionalität vom Ruder-Training auf dem Ergometer
•    Basics der Rudertechnik: Step-by-Step Aufbau des Ruderschlags, Effizientes Rudern, häufige Fehler
•    Facts & Figures: die Zahlen auf dem Display
•    ca. 30 Minütiges Rowing Class Workout
•    Post-Rowing Stretching
•    Beispiele von Rowing Workouts

Datum: Samstag | 26.8.17 | 14:00 – 15:30
Kosten: 75.-
Anzahl Plätze: Die Anzahl ist auf 10 Teilnehmer limitiert.
Anmeldung: An der Rezeption oder per Mail an

Outdoor Camp 2017 1.-3. September




Experience the sixth edition of Reebok CrossFit Zurich’s 3-day Outdoor camp in the lovely surroundings of the "Centovalli", southern Switzerland! Including trail runs through beautiful forests, Caveman style WOD's, swimming in ice-cold rivers, agility training on the rocks, time to party and much more....!



 Everybody can participate! All you need is to take one friday off :-) 



The small village "Palagnedra" in the wild Centovalli ("hundred valleys") will be our basis from where we will head out to the different activities.

September 1.-3. , Zurich - Palagnedra late on Thursday evening, Palagnedra - Zurich Sunday evening. 


In the costs of CHF 350.- per Person is included:

  • Professional coaching

  • All outdoor activities (inclusive a guided special activity)

  • 3 nights at a private hostel

  • breakfast (a kitchen is at free disposal)


Trip Zurich - Palagnedra, depending on the size of the group we will go with 4-5 private cars and share the gasoline

Space is limited so sign up fast by contacting Coach Moritz ( Please include clothing size, shoe size, height (cm) and weight

Nosh Pots finally available!

Liebe Mitglieder/ Dear Members


Wir freuen uns euch ab sofort die leckeren und gesunden Mahlzeiten von Nosh Pots offerieren zu können. Die täglich frisch zubereiteten Mahlzeiten können entweder im online Shop bestellt und dann bei uns abgeholt werden oder spontan bei uns gekauft werden (limitierte Anzahl pro Tag, sind schnell ausverkauft, Glas 2.- Depot). Probiert's aus!!

We are happy to finally offer you the delicious and healthy dishes from Nosh Pots. The daily freshly made dishes can be ordered online and picked up at the gym or are available form Monday to Friday in a limited quantity at the gym. Try it!!

Muscle Up/ Handstand Workshop and Mobility Workshop coming up!

Dear Members

Two new exiting workshops are just around the corner in June and July. The first one will focus on Ring, Bar Muscle up, handstand and handstand walk and the second one on Mobility for CrossFit


In this workshop, you will:

→ Learn how to achieve your first bar and rings muscle up or improve it if

you already got it (kipping and strict).

→ Learn how to achieve a freestanding handstand hold and how to practice

the handstand walk.



Saturday 17.6.2017 at 14:00 - 17:00, modules can be booked separately!

Modul 1 Ring Muscle Up (14:00 – 14:50)

Modul 2 Bar Muscle Up (15:00 – 15:50)

Modul 3 Handstand & Handstand Walk (16:00 – 16:50)


How much does it cost?

- 50 CHF | for attending 1 modul

- 90 CHF | for attending 2 moduls

- 125 CHF | for attending all 3 moduls

Spots are LIMITED to 16 people only per modul, because we want to ensure that each individual

gets the most out of the workshop. Please register at the reception or send email to


·         Mobility and Flexibility for Crossfit and Gymnastics

In this workshop you will learn:
→ Which are the most effective stretches that help improve
your weightlifting & gymnastics skills in Crossfit
→ What are the biggest mistakes people do when stretching
and how to avoid them


Saturday 1.7.2017 at 14:00 - 15:30

How much does it cost?
- 75 CHF
Spots are LIMITED to 20 people only, because we want to ensure that each individual gets the most out of the workshop. Please register at the reception or send email to

With who?

Nina Kosnjek and Tom Strojnik are young and experienced coaches for Crossfit and Functional

Training. After finishing their Diploma on Faculty of Sport, they’ve worked in Slovenia, Kuwait

and Switzerland. Their passion is bodyweight strength and flexibility training.

Zusätzliche "Kraft" Klassen/ Additional Strength classes

Liebe Mitglieder/ Dear Members

Wir freuen uns ab Juni zwei zusätzliche "Kraft" Klassen anbieten zu können. Neben den Kraft Klassen am Di und Do Abend gibt es neu zwei Kraft Klassen am Montag und Mittwoch morgen. Die Kraft Klasse eignet sich für alle diejenigen, welche zusätzlich zu den regulären WODs einen speziellen Fokus auf den Kraftaufbau legen wollen. Die Klassen eignen sich für alle Levels, sind kombinierbar mit den WODs und in deinem Abo inbegriffen. Für alle Kraft Klassen gilt wie auch für alle anderen Klassen, anmelden über die App und bitte nicht überbuchen. Der Juni wird ein Testlauf sein, wenn regelmässig genügend Leute die Stunden besuchen, werden sie fix in den Stundenplan aufgenommen.

We are happy to offere two additional "strength" classes beginning from June. In addition to the existing classes on Tuesday and Thursday evening we will offer two sessions Monday and Wednesday morning. The strength classes are suited for all those who in addition to the regular WODs would like to put a special focus on strength development. These classes are open to all levels, can be combined with the WODs and are included in your membership. For all the classes applies the signing up via app and respecting the class size limit. The month of June will be a test month, if we have enough people regularly attending the classes, the will be included into the regular schedule.

See you soon!

Team Reebok CrossFit Zürich

Schliessfächer, Velos etc./ Lockers, bikes etc.

Liebe Mitglieder/ Dear Members (english below)

Wie die meisten von euch gesehen haben, gibt es nun abschliessbare Wertsachenschränke in den Garderoben. Ebenfalls werden wir auf nächste Woche einige der grossen Schliessfächer ausserhalb der Garderoben für die Kurzmiete bereitstellen.Bitte benutzt diese und den Rest der Garderoben für eure Sachen. Wir werden keine Taschen, Wertsachen, Laptops etc. mehr für hinter die Reception annehmen. Das Gleiche gilt für den Mobility- und Aufenthaltsbereich mit den Tischen. Die Tische sind keine Kleiderständer und Taschen bitte in die Garderobe. Wenn es zusätzliche Ablagen und Stauraum für Gepäck braucht, lasst es uns bitte wissen, dann werden wir Zonen dazu einrichten. 

Weiter bitten wir euch beim parkieren eurer Velos und Mottorräder gesunden Menschenverstand anzuwenden. Uns ist bewusst, dass die Abstellmöglichkeiten beschränkt sind, aber mann findest immer eine Möglichkeit, welche andere Besucher und Anwohner nicht behindert. Keine Velos innen im Eingangsbereich! Ausnahmen nur im Falle von "Schlossvergessen" und in Absprache mit Reception.

Die wichtigsten Arbeiten am Gym kommen langsam aber sicher zu einem Ende. Die Lüftung in den Garderoben sollte nun funktionieren, falls es nicht reicht bitten wir um Feedback. An einigen Orten müssen noch Strom und Beleuchtung angepasst werden. Neue weichere und leisere Eleiko Kilogramm Gewichte sind bestellt und das Pegboard wird auch demnächst  aufgehängt. Leider besteht immer noch ein Problem mit dem Warmwasser, wir arbeiten daran.

Danke für euer Verständnis und euren Support

See you soon!

Team Reebok CrossFit Zürich


As most of you have seen there are lockers now inside the changing rooms. In addition we will get ready some of the bigger lockers outside the changing rooms for daily rent in case you have bigger luggage. Please use the storage room for your personal stuff. We will not allow anymore bags, valuables, cloths etc. behind the reception. The same goes for the mobility and reception area with the tables. The tables are not cloths hangers and the bags can go in the changing rooms. If you feel that there is more storage room necessary please let us know and we make space available.

Further we kindly ask you to use common sense when parking your bikes and motorcycles. We are aware that the parking space is limited but you can always find a way to park without disturbing other clients and neighbours. No bikes in the entry area! Exeptions in case you forgot your lock and confirmed with reception.

Most of the work on the infrastructure and equipment has been done. The ventilation in the changing rooms should work now, please let us know if it is not sufficient. In some places there is still some work to do on wireing and lights. New softer and less noisy Eleiko kilogram bumpers are ordered and the peg board will be up soon as well. Unfortunately there is still a problem with the warm water, we are on it.


Thank you for your understanding and support


See you soon!

Team Reebok CrossFit Zürich


Dear Members

We just finished up some squatting progressions and next we will be concentrating on upper body strength; specifically working toward strict pull-ups and/or muscle ups. I know many of you are eager to master the kipping pull-ups and muscle ups, but don’t worry, the strict strength will only make kipping easier and keep your joints healthier! We will also do some kipping technique time-to-time but mainly will be focusing on strict stuff as it’s important for your health and progress as an athlete.

In order to save time for coaches and athletes at different levels, I would like to explain some general scaling rules so that if you do not yet have strict movements, the training is still effective. Overtime everyone should know how to scale to their own abilities and keep a challenging level for themselves.

  1. Do the same sets as prescribed “RX.” For example, if it says


5 x 5 Weighted Pull-ups


Here are some scenarios:


  • You have no strict pull ups:

    • If you can control through full extension, do 5x5 negative pull-ups. Jump up, slowly lower yourself down until the arms are straight. The slower you go down, the harder the movement is.

    • If you CANNOT control through extension, do 5x5 pull-ups underneath a rack where you’re pulling as much with arms as possible but assisting with your feet as needed. Be sure to challenge yourself.

  • You have a few strict pull ups but can’t do 5x5:

    • Each set, do as many strict pull ups as you can. Finish the rest of the set of 5 with negative pull-ups. So if you did 3 strict pull ups, you would immediately do 2 negative pull ups to finish your set.

  • You could maybe do 5x5 but not sure with weight:

    • Do 1-2 sets of 5 without weight. If it’s too easy, add light weight. If it didn’t feel to easy, try to finish the 5 sets with your body weight only.


  1. Sometimes there will be a given range of repetitions per set. For example:

5 Rounds: 5-10 Strict Dips


Once you get a feel for your level and abilities, try to choose the number of reps and stick with it for all sets. It should be challenging but doable.

  • If you can’t do the number of reps of the lower end of the range, do as many as you can and finish the rest with negative or do all negatives.

  • If you can’t control all the way through the movement on the negatives, then you can use bands or place you feet on a box below so you take some of the load off.


  1. Sometimes there will be a set amount of time to work on a skill. For example:


10 Min Kipping MU Practice


  • If you have no strict pull-ups or dips…

    • Do more strength work to prepare for strict pulling/pressing (i.e. negative pull-ups or pull-ups under the rack, ring rows etc.)

    • Work on basic kipping skills such as moving between hollow/superman position fluently and creating momentum.

  • If you have a few strict pull-ups and dips but no Muscle Ups…

    • Do some drills working on transitions and basics of kipping

  • If you can do a MU already or are really close…

    • Work on transition drills given by coach

    • Work on linking together more than one muscle up

Garderobenschränke zur Miete/ Lockers for rent

Liebe Mitglieder/ Dear Members (english below)

Ab sofort können Garderobenschränke gemietet werden. Preise wie folgt:

  • 3 Monate CHF 100.-
  • 6 Monate CHF 180.-
  • 12 Monate CHF 340.-

Bezahlung im Voraus, Depot für Schlüssel CHF 20.- in bar, "First come first serve", es het solangs het. 

As from now you can rent lockers. Prices as follows:

  • 3 Months CHF 100.-
  • 6 Months CHF 180.-
  • 12 Months CHF 340.-

Payment only upfront, key deposit 20.- in cash, first come first serve


New Jump Ropes!

The new Jump Ropes are in! We will not have jumps ropes in the gym anymore, you need to get your personal one. There are many good jump ropes on the market. We choose this one because it was tested among our coaching staff for many years and you get good quality for the price. Only limited number available, get yours now!

House rules and contolling weights

Dear Members

Please read the following house rules carefully. Most of them are common sense. Concerning the question of dropping weights, we kindly remind you that dropping barebells or other training equipment is not "CrossFit" training, not per se cool or a sign of fitness. We want you to learn to control external objects and not throw them around nedlessly. 95% of the weights we use during the workouts are in a range which are perfectly controlable for the full movement including lowering the weight back to the floor. For the other cases (e.g. heavy Oly lifting, competions etc.) we are working on solutions. Part of it will be the new floor, an elevated oly lifting platform and new bumper plates. We will as well organize a meeting with all the neighbours to test and find out where, what times we can train in which manner and make sure find find an optimal solution for us and the other tenants. Thank you for your understanding and collaboration.


1.       Lass dein Ego vor der Türe

2.       Melde dich am Eingang an

3.       Sei pünktlich bereit zur Stunde

4.       Der Bereich hinter der Rezeption ist ausschliesslich für Mitarbeiter

5.       Höre auf die Anweisungen deines Coaches

6.       Sei aufmerksam und nimm Rücksicht auf deine Trainingspartner

7.       Sei hilfsbereit und feure deine Trainingspartner an

8.       Sei smart und passe die Gewichte und Übungen wenn nötig an

9.       Schummle nicht, Du betrügst dich selbst

10.   Respektiere das Equipment

11.   Lass niemals leeren Stangen, Kurzhanteln oder Kettlebells fallen

12.   Lasse Langhanteln nur im Notfall fallen. Fallen lassen sollte eine Notwendigkeit sein und keine Gewohnheit

13.   Magnesium gehört in den Kübel, mehr Magnesium ist nicht besser

14.   Putze deinen Schweiss, Blut etc. auf

15.   Räume nach jeder Lektion alles von dir gebrauchte Equipment und deine persönliche Ausrüstung auf. Helfe den anderen aufzuräumen

16.   Habe Spass und trainiere hart und regelmässig. Sei kein Rosinenpicker

House Rules

1.       Leave your ego at the door

2.       Check in at the entrance

3.       Be early and ready for class before it starts

4.       The area behind the reception is for staff only

5.       Listen to your coach

6.       Be alert and be respectful to your training partners

7.       Be helpful and cheer on your training partners

8.       Be smart and learn how to scale

9.       Don’t cheat, you’re cheating yourself

10.   Respect the equipment

11.   Never drop empty barbells, dumbbells or kettlebells

12.   Only drop barbells as a last resort. Dropping weight should be a necessity, not a convenience

13.   Chalk stays in the bucket, more chalk is not better

14.   Clean up your sweat and blood

15.   Put back all equipment to the right place and clean up your personal belongings. Help others cleaning up

Have fun and train hard and consistently. Don’t cherry pick

See you soon!

Team Reebok CrossFit Zürich

Gym floor and Yoga room

Dear Members

Thank you for your patience with the organisation and development of our new gym. The drilling for the insulation of the ceiling should be completed by the end of the week. Today part of the rubber flooring arrived and tomorrow the rest should be here as well. We try our best to install the floor over the Easter weekend together with other improvements at the reception and mobility area. Small lockers for your wallets and mobile phones are on the way as well and will be placed in each changing room until end of the month. The fourth room at the back for Yoga and mobility classes is undergoing renovation until next week and by April 24th will be ready for usage. If you have any feedback, suggestions or comments please don't hesitate and conatct Eric, Marcelo or Moritz.

See you soon!

Team Reebok CrossFit Zürich

New Schedule and Memberships

Dear Members

Tomorrow Monday 3. April we will celebrate the reopening of RCFZ at Hardstrasse 81 from 5pm. WODs resume the following day Tuesday morning 4. April. 

The new schedule is online. Please note that some specialty classes will start again in two weeks. 

New memberships are online as well, membership types are the following: 3x/ Week, 5x/week and 7x /week, each of them is avaialble  for 1 month, 6 months or 12 months. Memberships can be used for all classes including non CrossFit classes, signing up for all classes including open gym is mandatory.

Thank you all for your support over the last weeks! Without you we couldn't have done it!           Team Reebok CrossFit Zürich

RCFZ Opening at Hardstrasse 81!

Dear Members

We know that you are all eager for news about the new place. We are working day and night and still had some issues to solve with the administration of the new location, that's why we couldn't fix a date for the opening yet. But now it's official! We will reopen RCFZ at Hardstrasse 81 on Monday evening 03.04.2017. We cordially invite you to clink glasses and come see the new gym form 5-8pm. Workouts will resume Tuesday morning 04.04.2017. Thank you for your patience.

The new schedule and memberships will be updated over the weekend. To let you know in advance about the parking possibilies, please check the following map. Please note that inside the courtyard around the house there are no parkings, so please don't drive in there. We will talk to the owners of the offices in the same building if we can share their parkings in the evenings. Parkings available are: Blue and white zone in Bullingerstrasse and Eichbühlstrasse and the Parkhaus HardauII on Bullingerstrasse 2min from the gym.


Umzug/ Move

Liebe Mitglieder/ Dear Members (english version below)

Bald ist es soweit, am Samstag findet das letzte reguläre Training an der Hohlstrasse statt. Samstagnachmittag nach dem letzten Workout machen wir noch eine Open Throwdown und Good bye Hohlstrasse Party ab ca. 14 Uhr. Natürlich seid ihr alle herzlich eingeladen.

Das Programm für die folgenden Tage bis Anfang April sieht voraussichtlich folgendermassen aus und wird bis Ende dieser Woche bestätigt:

  • Sonntag 26.03 geschlossen
  • Montag 27.03 morgen und  Abend WOD mit reduziertem Equipment
  • Mittwoch 29.03 und Freitag 31.03 Abends Outdoor WOD wenn das Wetter mitspielt

Das genaue Datum für die Eröffung werden wir ebenfalls dieses Wochenede bekannt geben.

Vielen Dank für euer Verständnis und euren Support .

Only a few days left before the move! This coming Saturday is the last official training day at the current location. After the last workout around 2pm we cordialy invite you for the Open Throwdown and good bye Hohlstrasse party. 

The program for the following days is espected to be the as follows and will be confirmed until end of the week:

  • Sunday 26.03 closed
  • Monday 27.03 morning and evening WOD with limited equipment
  • Wendesday 29.03 and Friday 31.03 outdoor WOD depending on the weather

The exact date for the opening will also be published over the weekend. Thank you for your understanding and your support

Wichtiges Update/ Important Update

Liebe Mitglieder/ Dear Members (english version below)


Einige wichtige Informationen zum Umzug und Abos:

·         Die regulären Klassen am heutigen Standort werden bis Samstag 25.03 fortgeführt. Anschliessend wird der Betrieb für 1-2 Wochen reduziert und/oder pausiert. Genauer Zeitplan ist in Bearbeitung.

·         Wenn jemand in den nächsten Tagen sein Abo erneuern muss, bieten wir Mehrtages-Abos bis 25.03 an. Die Fromel dazu lautet wie folgt: Monatsabo geteilt durch 30 mal X Tage, also z.B. 199.-/30*15 etc., je nachdem wie lange das Abo bis am 25.03 noch dauert

·         Vorausbezahlte Abos sind am neuen Standort weiter gültig, ein Unterbruch wird bei der Dauer berücksichtigt. Alle Mehrmonatigen Ratenabos werden auf den 25.03 aufgelöst und es können am neuen Standort entsprechende neue Abos gelöst werden.

·         Der neue Standort wird sich zwischen Hardplatz und Albisriederplatz befinden

·         Am Samstag 25.03 gibt es eine grosse Open Throwdown End und «Good bye Hohlstrasse» Party. Wir offerieren die Drinks, wäre super wenn ihr den Food mitbringt


Important updates and information regarding the move and memberships:

·         The regular classes at the current location will go on until Saturday 25.03. After that the schedule will be reduced and maybe paused for 1-2 weeks. Exact time plan in progressing.

·         In case you need to renew your membership within the next days, you can do that until the 25.03. The formula will be the following:  monthly membership divided by 30 times X days, so for example 199.-/30* 15 etc., depending on how long the membership will run until 25.03.

·         Prepaid memberships will be valid at the new location, a possible break will be added to your membership. All memberships with installments will be terminated as of 25.03. New memberships can be purchased at the now location.

·         The new location will be located between Hardplatz and Albisriederplatz.

Saturday 25.03 we will organize a big Opens Throwdown end and “Good bye Hohlstrasse “ party. We will offer the drinks, would be nice if you can take care about the food