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Help the people and children suffering from floods.

Dear CrossFit community,

I suppose that some of you have already heard in the news: Serbia and Bosnia is facing the worst floods in 120 years and they desperately need any form of help.

SEVERE floods have struck the people in Serbia and Bosnia these days, leaving thousands of children homeless, without food, water, warm and dry clothes. Roads and bridges are flooded, schools and kindergartens have been shut down, 100,000 homes in Serbia left without power, while rain-swollen rivers and surging water course through towns and villages, overflowing across streets into homes, causing landslides and other disasters. The situation is so dramatic, that the entire families have lost their homes in the floods. Finding a shelter is a real adventure for many.

Meteorologists say that more than double of Serbia’s average rainfall for the whole of May is expected to fall within just two and half days.

We call on all people of good will who are able to help in any way to make donations in the form of water, food in cans, baby food and equipment and hygiene articles.

If you would like to donate something, you can bring it to the gym until Saturday evening, it will be picked up on Sunday and will be brought to Serbia/Bosnia directly by truck


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Swiss Red Cross: