Swiss TeamCHallenge

Dear Members

 One June 14, 2014 our gym will host the annual „TeamCHallenge“. The purpose of this competition is to encourage and develop the CrossFit sense of community within each affiliate and within Switzerland.

 To allow participation of athletes of all levels of fitness there will be two categories: “Firebreather” and “Regulars”. The “Regulars-Competition” will be scaled to accommodate the largest numbers of participants as possible (f.ex. jumping pull-ups instead of strict pull-ups etc.). The “Firebreather-Competition” is to challenge the fittest and more proficient athletes (f.ex. Handstand-Pushups, heavier weights etc.). The teams are limited to 4 people only. Each team needs to have at least one female or one male athlete. Each athlete needs to be a member of Reebok CrossFit Zurich. The sign-up sheets for each team are available at the desk.

 We already won the TeamCHallenge in the “Regulars-Category” in 2011 and in the “Firebreather-Category” in 2013. :-)

 There will be approx.. 4 different WODs the same day. They will have strict standards for range of motion that will be published before the events. The WODs will be published about 1 week in advance (we will inform you as soon as they are made public) so that you can still train one your weaknesses and prepare for them.

 Each affiliate is responsible to ensure that the standards for range of motion are met, therefore we need your help! Not only athletes that want to compete are welcome, but we also need judges and helpers. You don’t need to have done the Judges Course. All the standards for the WODs will be outlined before the WOD starts so everybody is aware of the standards. Please therefore also sign-up if you want to be a judge or just help throughout the day. Any help is highly appreciated!

 We will start at 10 am (going through the standards and set up for the competition), therefore please make sure you’ll be there latest on 9.30 am. As soon as we know how many teams will participate and how many helpers we have, we will organize the heats and let your team-captain know.

 Please sign-up until June 7th. Sign up sheet will be a the gym at the lounge. The team-members can be changed up to 24 hours before the TeamCHallenge. No changes at all are allowed after 10am June 13th.

 After the competition we will have a BBQ at our box and also watch the World Cup 2014 (Soccer). So please stay after the competition and join us to strengthen our community even more! Please bring your own food&drinks.

 If you should have any questions related to the TeamCHallenge, please feel free to contact Reni at or 079 329 02 67.