Members in Action!

Konstantine Speidel put his fitness to the test at the Munich Spartan Race in April. As you can see a steady diet of CrossFIt helped him to make it look easy. Carrying a tire certainly does look a lot easier than a 45 plate overhead! The only thing he was appartently unprepared for was the cold...perhaps we should have more outdoor WODs in the rain?

Congratulations Konsti!

If any other members have pictures of themselves in action send them in and we will post them. Nothing better than showing how the hard work in the gym translates to real world results.

For those that want to emulate Konstantin don't forget we are putting together a team to run the Fisherman's Friend Strong man run in Engleberg on June 7th. The race starts at 14:00 giving plenty of time to get there from Zurich. If you go to race don't forget to sign up as
"Reebok CrossFit Zurich", if you go to support the team then don't forget your party spirit.