Swiss Team Challenge and BBQ

Dear Members,

This Saturday we will be hosting the Swiss Team CHallenge. At the moment we have 12 teams of 4 people signed up. You can still sign up. Deadline for sign up is Thursday 7pm. All competitors should be at the gym at 10am. Competition will start at 11am and estimated time to end for Regulars is 16:15 and for Firebreathers is 17:00. On Wednesday at 8PM, there will be a session held, by the captain of our Competition Team Henry Kulla,  in which all standards and strategy will be discussed. 

Find bellow the registered teams so far. You can still make teams until Thursday 12.06.14 6pm.

Please stop by and support your box. The grill will be on,  and the BBQ can start at any time you want and of course, it will continue after the CHallenge is over.

Swiss Team Challenge 2014


MARINES                                  SIGGI TÄNKS                        BIZIBOYS AND SUPERGIRL

Nuno Antunes                            Henry Kulla                            Jonas Schwestermann

Monika Finsterwald                    Andrej Cirkovic                           Chris Zellweger

Nicola Schraven                           Tina Tursic                                  Sarah Troglia     

Fabian Schmid                              Andy Orsinger                            Severin Steiner



Zakaria Agoulif

Justine Boddy

Emanuel Garcia

Oliver Williams



EARLY BIRD SPECIAL               CHARLIE’S ANGELS                        FANTASTIC 4

Dominique Burgener                 Sabrina Guggenbühl                        Jacqueline Klossner

Nik Focht                                     Lucie Kulhanek                                 Jacqueline Alves

Patrick Raschle                            Viri Josephsen                                  Karma Coma

Michel Hugentobler                     Hermann Eichholzer                         Itamar Alves


MIGHTY LEMONS                SMACK SMASHERS                       ROCKY IV

Cavide Benseven                  Aitor Henao                                   Agnar Einarsson

Claudia Zenger                     Norbert Simkovic                          Agnieska Telega

Torben Menke                       Samantha Bopp                            Alexandros Gaikidis

Montse Mendez                    Nadja Baumgartner                      Jordan Nickerson


RCFZ 4                                                     THREE AND A HALF MEN

Andreas Puttkkammer                            Alex Wälchli                                      

Valeria Doll                                               Nicolas Hatt

Dominique Remy                                     Barbara Michel

Edgar Petrienko                                       Marius Grieder