Weightlifting seminar @ RCFZ 27 / 28 September

Coaches Lindsay & Chris will be hosting a weightlifting seminar @ RCFZ on 27 / 28 September, 3pm - 6.30pm (Snatch on Saturday, Clean and Jerk on Sunday). The goal of this seminar is to have you on the bar as much as possible, assess your mechanics and mobility, and give you specific pointers on how to improve your lifts. During the 3+ hours, we will go over the basics, work on mobility tailored to the lift at hand, and show you some accessory drills before we dive into the main lifts. You will be sharing a bar with a partner most of the day (because rest is just as important) so that there are only 6 people per coach at any given time. We will also be using video analysis - filming your own lifts, reviewing in slow motion, as well as viewing the technique of some of the best lifters in the world. There is a requirement of minimum 6 months CF experience.

Interested? Then grab a flyer at the reception to get more information. Sign up now as there are only *12* spots available - first paid, first served. 

If you have any questions, shoot us an email @czellweg@gmail.com