New Gym, New Services...

We are overjoyed to introduce to you the exciting range of new services we will offer at the new gym. The new services are aimed to take your training to the next level. They are more focused than our regular CrossFit classes and are tailored to help you improve in those areas you want to excel in.

In order to best help you to achieve your goals, these extra services have some requirements and for that, a separate registration is needed. This can be done with a simple quick email to Roberta.

In addition, we are proud to say that these extra services are offered at NO additional cost and are included in all CrossFit memberships.

Please see below a brief summary of all the services.

  • Advanced CF:

What:   More volume, more advanced skills, higher intensity.

When:   3x / week. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 19:20

Duration:  1 hour

Requirement: Sign up and be accepted. Acceptance is a case by case basis.

Logging results is a must.

Notes: The class is one hour long, so athletes are expected to be fully warmed up and mobilised by the start of the class. There will be no group warm up.

Start Date: 12.10.15

  • Oly for CF:

What: Focus on one lift only per class. One day Snatch and the other day Clean/Jerk. The class will consist of strength components, drills, and auxiliary exercises .

When: 2x / week. Tuesdays and Thursdays at 19:20

Duration: 1 hour

Requirement: 3 months of consistent CF, basic knowledge of the lifts and, complete knowledge of the Burgener warm up.

Start Date: 03.11.15

  • Cycles: strength, gymnastic, etc...

        First Cycle to be  offered: Strength

What:  Designed to add an extra emphasis on the strength component of one’s athletic development.

When: 3x / week. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays ( time will be announced soon )

Duration: 80 minutes.

Requirement:  Minimum  6 months of consistent CF, and/or a solid foundation /   technique in all the basic barbell lifts (squats, deadlift, presses, power clean) and no major mobility / flexibility issues. In addition, a good idea of your numbers in these basic lifts prior to the beginning of the cycle is a must.

Notes: Sign up to the program. Must complete the full cycle and attend all classes. Maximum 12 people ( first come, first served). Cycles will alternate. More can be added as demand grows.

Start Date: 02.11.15

  • More Open Gym Hours:
  1. There will be longer morning, afternoon open gym slots.
  2. There will be one open gym hour 3 times per week in the evenings.
  3. Earlier Open Gym hours on Saturdays.
  4. Open gym hours are contingent on space demand.
  5. We kindly ask you to be respectful of start and end times.
  6. As Open Gym is a complement to a CrossFit membership, we do not offer special “ Open Gym Only” memberships.