Tracking your results and success...

Dear Members,

You are now able to track your results again by logging into your profile. There was an update in the system and it is improved and better than before. The next day WOD is available for you to see on your profile everyday at 5pm. Overtime you can see graphs, progression and much more. 

We highly encourage you to track you results as it is main component to help you achieve your goals. There will also be available iPads on the community areas for your use so you can immediately log your results. 

If you wish to share with the community your results and appear on the Leaderboard in the screens which will be up in January, you can click "public" when you log in your daily result. If you had a "bad" day or simply don't like  to share your results , you just don't click on "public".If you don't click on "public," nobody can see it but you. 

The Leaderboard screens on the training floor will be up in January, but you can track your daily results already as of December.

Any questions or feedback, write to Roberta.

Thank you and looking forward to a successful 2016 full of athletic accomplishments!