The CrossFit Games Opens 2015!

CrossFit Games Qualifiers!

The Games season is broken up into three stages. The first step is the Open, a worldwide, inclusive, five-week competition that kicks off early in the spring.

The top athletes from the Open in each of the 17 regions around the world will qualify for the second stage of the competition—regionals. Regionals are a three-day, live competition. The european Regionals will take place in Copenhagen March 29th-31st.

The season culminates in the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games. At the Games, thousands of participants will be whittled down to around 100 of the fittest men and women in the world.

The CrossFit Games are for everybody! So everybody should sign up to test their fitness!

CrossFit Games Registration and CrossFit Games information:

CrossFit Zurich will be following the CrossFit Games Schedule across February and March to offer members the opportunity to go head to head with the world’s best.

Schedule will be the following:

Every week for 5 weeks (starting Feb 26th) a new workout will be published on Thursday by This is the basis for a worldwide standard against which every athlete is judged!

The published qualifier on each week will be the WOD of the respective Friday. Those wishing to be judged must still register for evening classes 17:00-20:30, there will be a designated area set aside for those wishing to be officially judged and filmed.

Saturdays WOD/Open Gym 12-15h: This will also be the Open Qualifer of the week. Those wishing to be officially judged must register for open gym.

Sundays: From 15:00 onwards the Competition Teams of Reebok CrossFit Zurich, CrossFit Turicum and maybe other boxes will join to  go head to head in the weekly qualifier. The box will be open for those wishing to spectate

Please note: due to a weighlifting seminar on the weekend of 28.02-01.03.15 the gym will stay closed Saturday and Sunday. We will offer an outdoor workout on Sunday. Comp Team has the possibility to to 15.1 Sunday evening. Also there will be judging for 15.1 held on Monday evening 02.03.15.

Scores will have to be submitted until Monday 5pm every week except for 15.1 it's until 10pm.

Any questions regarding judging, qualification or entry should be addressed to coaches Lauren or Moritz.

On the final Weekend of qualifiers there will be a BBQ event at the box….