Coach Lindsay and Chris competing in the Opens

Hey RCFZ people, coach Lindsay here. We are getting super excited for the Open this year and I just wanted to make sure you all knew what my plans have been as far as competition goes. My goal has been to go to the Crossfit Games (basically the world championships for Crossfit) on a team. I find it much more fun and gratifying than competing as an individual. So in November I joined Crossfit Turicum because they already had a well-established team with a very high chance for doing well at Regionals (the qualifying phase for the Games based on the results of the Open). Christof is also in the same boat and will be trying to represent Crossfit Turicum on a second team to get to Regionals.

At the moment, RCFZ does not have a big enough competition team to qualify for Regionals. Most athletes training in the competition team at RCFZ want to go individual so there really is no team. Plus, we simply don't have 3 females who train at the required level - which is not a bad thing, it's just fact. Therefore, we had to look elsewhere in support of our goals to try to make it to Regionals and/or Games.

We hope to see you all competing in the Open, regardless of your current (or should I say perceived) level of fitness! It's always such great fun to throw down together, cheer each other on and help out when possible - and that's really what Crossfit is all about: community and getting a little better and fitter every day.

We'll see you at the box!

Coach Lindsay