Sunday Morning Warriors!

Great Job everybody who came for the outdoor workout this Sunday! Regardless of the cold and windy weather everybody did very well! For all the chickenhearted who preferred to stay in bed, this was the workout:

First round: 7x7 KB swings, 5x7 KB Russian twist, 3x7 KB shoulder to overhead, 1x7 burpee broad jump, 400m run

Second round: 7x6 KB swings, 5x6 KB Russian twist, 3x6 KB shoulder to overhead, 1x6 burpee broad jump, 400m run

Third round: 7x5, 5x5, 3x5, 1x5, 400m run...

down to round 7 with, 7 KB swings, 5 Russian twist, 3 shoulder to overhead, 1 burpee broad jump, 400m run.