Survey Results

Dear Members,
Thank to all of you who took the time to respond to our annual survey. As a client oriented business you come first, and getting feedback from you directly is essential to help guide us forward.

We are very proud of the responses so far, most of which spoke positively of the work we are doing. Among some keys statistics ( on a scale of 1 very poor) to 5 ( excellent)), we had 108 people answer:

Coaching Quality:  81.5% gave us 5 and 4,  18.5% gave us 3 and 2 and nobody gave us 1.

Class Schedule: 84% gave us 5 and 4. 16% gave us 3 and 2 and nobody gave us 1.

Class Size: 74% gave us 5 and 4, 25.3% gave us 3 and 2, and less than 1% gave us 1.

Community: 70% gave us 5 and 4, 29% gave us 3 and 2, and 3% gave us  1.

While the full set of results are too large to include as a post we will have them available to members in gym, please just ask.

Our goal is to continue to improve so we are taking heed of all your responses and will do our best to incorporate ideas, suggestion and of course criticisms as we move forward.

We want to thank you for being such a great group of members and for providing our gym with a tremendous community.