Dear members

Just wanted to bring you up to date with a few coaching changes. Coach Lauren and Coach Lukas will be leaving us at the end of the month and Coach Titus at the end of June for pastures new. They have decided to take on new challenges. All three are great coaches with lots of experience and we will certainly miss them. My personal thanks to all of them for their coaching time and laughs that we shared together. As Head Coach, it’s been especially gratifying for me to watch the progress and determination of our young coaches in achieving their Crossfit sporting goals and becoming the best of the best in Europe. I’d like to wish them every success with their futures, our doors are always open for them.

Regarding our new box in Altstetten, plans are now advancing and we hope to share some visual insights into our new Crossfit box very shortly. With our customized building and training area we will be able to offer even better training and classes whilst still offering you a variety of extras such as kettlebell classes, yoga sessions and regular specialty classes that no other box has on offer.

And I’m not going to ignore some of the rumors that I keep on hearing. We are aware of other CF boxes opening; our eyes and ears are open to what is happening in our community. I’d like to personally assure you that Crossfit Zürich is still Switzerland’s #1 box and we certainly aim to keep that top spot as we gain new members and maintain the trust of our existing and long term members. We offer more classes, have the largest box andcertified training sessions that give you, our members, maximum flexibility to attend and fit best into your busy lives. I am always available for your comments, suggestions and criticisms. This is your community, not mine alone.

We care about our community. Each and every one of you. You are Crossfit Zürich.

Coach Moritz