Swiss Team Challenge Information

Dear Competitors and supporters,

Those of you signed up for the Challenge, please read carefully the following information:

Arrival time is at 9:45am. With 10 team currently signed up, we will start promptly at 10am. With 10 teams currently singed up, we will need three heats per event which will take us to 16h. We will have a rotation of heats, such as you will either be competing, judging, or warming up. So yes, get some sleep the nights before.

All the Events and WOD's have been announced. Go to:

That captain from each team should have received and email from the WODcast with a log in. It is crucial that you choose Reebok CrossFit Zurich as your "approver," by Friday 19th of June. If this is not done, we can not validate your scores. At the moment, all you captains need to still do that.

Then we have a BBQ and drinks to celebrate. We will have free beer and burgers/ chicken to sell. You are welcome to bring some salads or specialties to share. If you are not able to participate i the competition this year, you are welcome to stop by to support. 

One more fun day at RCFZ!