Final Information about the Swiss Team Challenge

Dear Challengers,

Tomorrow is the big day, so you are probably already winding down by now.

Arrival time is promptly at 9:45. The captain for each team is responsible for checking in with Roberta, and checking in for the other team members. The captain is also responsible that the team has already set a strategy for each WOD. We need make sure everything runs smoothly, and preparedness is a key to competition. 

At 10, the information meeting about the day's agenda starts. And soon after that, it is a tight schedule. Be ready to judge. There will be three heats of 3 to 4 teams. One heat competes, one judges and the third warms up. Only 1-2 people per team is needed for judging so you can alternate, eat and rest. 

Make sure to bring enough food for the day. Hydration and nutrition is essential for a day long event. You or supporters can bring some food to share, if you wish.

At 4pm when we are done, then we start our BBQ. FREE BEER!

Sleep well and be ready to go hard tomorrow!