Skill of the month

Dear members

This month we will have Handstand/Handstand walk for the skill of the month. As we did in Muscle Up May, throughout June we will work with different approaches to improve your handstand skills. This is a progression, everything is scalable, and if you have a handstand or handstand walk already, you will work on walking circles, doing pirouettes etc....  Remember, we work on quality of the movement for 10-15min and during this time it's not about volume but the pursuit of perfect form. Some key points for the handstand:

1. maintain a firm midline

2. active shoulders, think of constantly pressing the floor away

3. neutral head position, don't look down to the floor too hard

If you are interested in more infos on handstand/hanstand walk, check the crossfit gymnastics home page.

For those who got their first muscle up last month, tell us your success story and include a picture, we would love to post it here.