RCFZ Representing!

Dear Members,

We are proud to share with you that RCFZ represented this past Saturday and Sunday in Zurich again.. At the Firmen Triathlon, we had Coach Stephen and Patrick Raschle come  in 1st. Place. Patrick Raschle as a swimmer, came in 10th place after a very turbulant experience where high winds and wavy waters, made it a not very pleasant experience. Followed by Peter Fohn on the bike ( non-member) who did an amazing job and handled over to the runner, Coach Stephen, first place overall. Coach Stephen not only maintained, but extended the lead to over 4 minutes and 15 seconds. This was a grand successful day!


Our member of the month for July, Nadja Cobos,  also participated in the Firmen Triathlon on Saturday and did really well on the running even though it was a high heat .

On Sunday we had Aitor Soto, complete the Zurich Iron Man. Aitor had a rough start as he was caught and tangled at a crowded swimming group with heavy rain. Despite a not nice start, Aitor's mental toughness got him to the finish line with a big and proud smile, as he should be.

Proud of you all and thank you for representing RCFZ.