Reebok CrossFit Zurich visits Malawi!

We are pleased to announce that one of our members, Lousie Masterson, has been selected by our charity partener Face to Face , to represent Reebok CrossFit Zurich in a visit to the Kang' Oma community in Malawi. 

L.ouise Masterson participated in our 24-in-24 Charity Event in 2014. She was an outstanding fundraiser.

For those who are newer to the gym and have not spent a Fall period with us, we host an annual charity event each year called 24-in-24 Charity Event. RCFZ is a founding gym of the 24-in-24 initiative in Switzerland. Over the last 5 years, we as a community,  have raised over 65,000 CHF. This money  has  gone directly to  helping poverished communities in Malawi become self- sustaining  We are small comminuties helping small communities.

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This year will be no exception, we look forward to hosting our next 24- in- 24 Charity Event in November or December ( date to be announced). 

Louise is going to make the personal connection and bring us stories. For those of you who would like to help, we are looking for donations in the form of mobile phone, and laptops ( fully functioning and with chargers). Louise will gladly take them in her suitcase. Please bring them to the gym. Deadline is August 3rd. Louise is leaving on the 5th. Further questions write to Roberta.

We count on our community on this important endeavour.

2014 Event

2014 Event

Coach Mo visit to Malawi in 2012