Tracking your Results.

Dear Members,

As of August we are introducing a newer, faster, free  and better way for you to track your results. Tracking your results is a really big part of improving your fitness levels. 

You can now use the Member Connect Website  to track your workouts.We will have two computers connected to the big screen TV in the gym, so we can build on the culture of immediately entering our results. Your coaches will be there to help you. Entering the results on your phones is also a great option and you can save the icon of the Member Connect Website  as well as the password on your phone. 

The workouts will be pre-entered, and will just show up on your profile each day. Please note that this will only go live on August 3rd. Before that, you will not be able to see much as there are no workouts yet. We are Beta testing so please be patient for the month of August. We do hope that by September we are experts and all of us are taking advantage of this free service. Feedback is welcome!

Within the next 24-36 hours you will receive an email with detailed instructions on how to enter your workouts. Any questions, or if you need a new password, please ask Roberta or Moritz. 

Looking forward to this new exciting phase and seeing the Leaderboard in the big screen each day!

3,2,1, GO!