Dare 2 Compare!

Dear Members,
We are pleased to announce a new initiative for Reebok CrossFit Zurich that will take place on a monthly basis.

The Dare 2 Compare initiative will involve a workout posted at the beginning of each month that each member can try as many times as they want throughout the month, recording their time each time. At the end of the month we will review all the submitted times and award prizes to the fittest man and fittest woman..

In order to keep in the CrossFit tradition you must perform the Dare 2  Compare workout in the presence of a judge. We will not have any specific criteria for judges, we are trusting the honour system of the gym and will allow any member to be a judge. Score sheets will be available at the front desk and there will be a box available to submit your score sheets.

Dare 2 Compare kicks off in August 2015. Standby for the workout to be posted in the first couple of days and the grab a fellow member to judge you and give it your best shot. 

Already this week, the WOD will be announced and already this week you can Dare 2 Compare! 

Look out and good luck!