Member of the Month for September

It is has been almost 2 years since Lucie Kulhanek first walked onto our training floor. Lucie was not new to CrossFit, but she was new to us. Well, within those two years, Lucie has made RCFZ her home.

She is very comfortable and thriving as an athlete. She keeps on improving and just a few weeks ago hit another PR in her snatch lift. She started here with a little dislike of being upside down, therefore handstands were not "her thing" But she wanted to get over that hump, and worked for it. 

Now you can see her upside down beautiful smile. 

Lucie is an example to all our members of a working hard athlete who takes her weaknesses by the horn, and just simply feels at home. That is how it should be!

Thank you Lucie for being part of our community.