Gymnastic Class!

Dear members

We are happy to announce the launch of a regular Gymnastic class. It will take place every friday 7:30pm, is included in your normal CF membership and will be led by Coach Justine. 

The gymnastics class will concentrate on body position and awareness needed to do gymnastics skills as well as improve Oly lifting and other CrossFit movements. Coaching will focus on small but important changes in body position as well as the strength need to complete gymnastics skills more efficiently and in a healthier movement pattern. Each class will specialize in a specific skill so athletes can gain a deeper understanding of that skill and the steps needed to accomplish/improve it (i.e. handstand hold, chest to bars, muscle up etc.) At the end of each session there will be thorough stretching. You can't go far in gymnastics without flexibility!

Team Reebok CrossFit Zürich