Programm for 1RM Saturday

Dear Members, here the programm for the 1RM Satruday on 1. October 2016

·         9:30-10:00        Doors open, individual Warm up

·         10:00                 Briefing

·         10:15                   Back squat

·         11:10                    Deadlift

·         12:00                 Shoulder Press

·         12:30-12:45        Oly warm Up

·         12:45                   Snatch

·         13:20                   Clean & Jerk

We will have two center racks for squatting and shoulder press, one for women, one for men.

One Center Oly platform for Deadlift and Oly Lifts.


·         Warm up on your own

·         Each person has 3 attempts per lift

·         you need to give us a starting weight. Minimum starting weights are shown below

Starting weights

                               Men start weight             Women start weight

Back Squat:          80kg                                      40kg

DL:                         100kg                                    60kg

Shoulder press     40kg                                      20kg

Snatch                   40kg                                      20kg

Clean & Jerk         50kg                                      30kg

Please note that on this Saturday there are no WODs. It's all Lifting. Sign up as usual with Zenplanner. For any questions please contact Coach Moritz (