RCFZ Opening at Hardstrasse 81!

Dear Members

We know that you are all eager for news about the new place. We are working day and night and still had some issues to solve with the administration of the new location, that's why we couldn't fix a date for the opening yet. But now it's official! We will reopen RCFZ at Hardstrasse 81 on Monday evening 03.04.2017. We cordially invite you to clink glasses and come see the new gym form 5-8pm. Workouts will resume Tuesday morning 04.04.2017. Thank you for your patience.

The new schedule and memberships will be updated over the weekend. To let you know in advance about the parking possibilies, please check the following map. Please note that inside the courtyard around the house there are no parkings, so please don't drive in there. We will talk to the owners of the offices in the same building if we can share their parkings in the evenings. Parkings available are: Blue and white zone in Bullingerstrasse and Eichbühlstrasse and the Parkhaus HardauII on Bullingerstrasse 2min from the gym.