House rules and contolling weights

Dear Members

Please read the following house rules carefully. Most of them are common sense. Concerning the question of dropping weights, we kindly remind you that dropping barebells or other training equipment is not "CrossFit" training, not per se cool or a sign of fitness. We want you to learn to control external objects and not throw them around nedlessly. 95% of the weights we use during the workouts are in a range which are perfectly controlable for the full movement including lowering the weight back to the floor. For the other cases (e.g. heavy Oly lifting, competions etc.) we are working on solutions. Part of it will be the new floor, an elevated oly lifting platform and new bumper plates. We will as well organize a meeting with all the neighbours to test and find out where, what times we can train in which manner and make sure find find an optimal solution for us and the other tenants. Thank you for your understanding and collaboration.


1.       Lass dein Ego vor der Türe

2.       Melde dich am Eingang an

3.       Sei pünktlich bereit zur Stunde

4.       Der Bereich hinter der Rezeption ist ausschliesslich für Mitarbeiter

5.       Höre auf die Anweisungen deines Coaches

6.       Sei aufmerksam und nimm Rücksicht auf deine Trainingspartner

7.       Sei hilfsbereit und feure deine Trainingspartner an

8.       Sei smart und passe die Gewichte und Übungen wenn nötig an

9.       Schummle nicht, Du betrügst dich selbst

10.   Respektiere das Equipment

11.   Lass niemals leeren Stangen, Kurzhanteln oder Kettlebells fallen

12.   Lasse Langhanteln nur im Notfall fallen. Fallen lassen sollte eine Notwendigkeit sein und keine Gewohnheit

13.   Magnesium gehört in den Kübel, mehr Magnesium ist nicht besser

14.   Putze deinen Schweiss, Blut etc. auf

15.   Räume nach jeder Lektion alles von dir gebrauchte Equipment und deine persönliche Ausrüstung auf. Helfe den anderen aufzuräumen

16.   Habe Spass und trainiere hart und regelmässig. Sei kein Rosinenpicker

House Rules

1.       Leave your ego at the door

2.       Check in at the entrance

3.       Be early and ready for class before it starts

4.       The area behind the reception is for staff only

5.       Listen to your coach

6.       Be alert and be respectful to your training partners

7.       Be helpful and cheer on your training partners

8.       Be smart and learn how to scale

9.       Don’t cheat, you’re cheating yourself

10.   Respect the equipment

11.   Never drop empty barbells, dumbbells or kettlebells

12.   Only drop barbells as a last resort. Dropping weight should be a necessity, not a convenience

13.   Chalk stays in the bucket, more chalk is not better

14.   Clean up your sweat and blood

15.   Put back all equipment to the right place and clean up your personal belongings. Help others cleaning up

Have fun and train hard and consistently. Don’t cherry pick

See you soon!

Team Reebok CrossFit Zürich