Crossfit Endurance

We offer two types of Endurance classes: These classe are part of your regular CrossFit memberships. OR you can purchase an Endurance 10-er abo for CHF 255.-

Endurance I: The Reebok CrossFit Zurich Endurance classes are designed to help you go further, faster for longer. To add speed and power to your running. Interval training which takes place at Utogrund Track on Wednesdays from 19:30 to 20:30. 



 We work on technique, posture, speed and running form. Whether you are training for a local 5km fun run or trying to beat your marathon personal best these classes will help you get there. 

CrossFit Endurance certified, with years of experience of endurance racing under his belt, from Ironman to ultras and over 15 marathons with a 2:40 PR Coach Stephen has lived long distance training through and through. He has the tools to help our members to reach their goals and is passionate about making sure our athletes increase their capacity while remaining injury free.

Training sessions comprise interval training on the track, hills sprints, technique drills, and tempo runs along with periodic testing to ensure members remain on track with their objectives.

To contact Coach Stephen directly please write to

Endurance II: This is designed to work on your cardiovascular and respiratory system. A combination or variation of  running hills,,  running with weight vests and sandbagst, biking, swimming, rowing, assault bikes, ski erg, etc. It is 90 minute non-stop session. Every Saturdays at 10 am. Meet at the gym.