MONDAY 05.10.15

Rain: Check

Dark skies: Check

Awesome members: Check

Despite the doom and gloom we had Endurance members out on the track working through a t-o-u-g-h workout today. Great, great job!


Monday 17.08.15

Great job on a great workout today team. It was amazing to see 8 athletes, with a 20 year age span between them, each give it each their best effort. Results are posted below together with two group photos (one before Robert fixed his hair and one after).

Monday 03.08.15

Today's Endurance Session was not easy, despite what you might see in these photos of people looking quite relaxed. These photos were only after they recovered by lying on the floor for about 5 minutes and not saying much. That is what 400m repeats will do to you. Great job all of you. As a bonus we had the biggest Endurance turnout ever! How great is that? 

See results below (sorry Eva, we ran out of room. More columns next time!)

Monday 20.07.15

Endurance class at 33 C. What can we say? It was a hard one and good job everyone. Two new members straight out of Foundation Class taking on Endurance class. Good job Stephanie Kurka and Eva Maria-Than.

Monday 13.07.15

Fantastic runs today and a little video analysis to get things started. Great job everyone, 800m is a hard distance. Keep track of your times to ensure that you track your improvements going forward.

Monday 29.96.15

We had one of the biggest turn outs so far at the track for some great run in beautiful weather. Great job to all runners, well done. Let's keep focusing on consistency and make sure that we give it all in the middle laps as well as the first and the last! 

Compare your test laps with your actual laps to see where you can do better next time. 

Here are our brave runners, tired but happy!

photo 1.JPG

Monday 08.06.15 Results

4 rounds of 800m/600m then 400m/300m with barely 30 seconds rest makes for a tough workout. Amazingly everyone finished strong and with fast times at the end. Results are below as always together with out fabulous group picture.

Photos from Monday 01.06.15

We had a simple workout today, but simple doesn't mean easy! 3 rounds of 5 minutes aiming to cover as much distance as possible and to beat that distance with each round. Everyone put in some serious work and challenged themselves 100%. Plus......we had a rainbow!!

Results from Monday 18.05.15

What a beautiful afternoon for a run! The Endurance group made the most of awesome weather to get a great workout in and put up some impressive times. We are seeing consistent improvements cross the board with those who are showing up consistently. Keep up the good work!