We offer a variety of additional classes besides CrossFit to complete your athletic development and expand your knowledge about health and movement. All classes are included in our normal memberships. Depending on the class a first intro class can be mandatory.


It is time to get back in touch with our visceral impulses that have been locked away for years. A kettlebell is a cast iron ball with a handle attached to the top of it. This design makes kettlebells different from training with dumbbells because the weight of a kettlebell is not distributed evenly, thus creating the need to counter balance and stabilize during your workout. Exercising with kettlebells targets all of the major muscle groups as well as the stabilizing muscles delivering a full-body workout in an extremely efficient amount of time. Condition and personal training.

Beginner’s Olympic Weightlifting

Needing to refine your technique in the snatch and/or the clean and jerk? Or are you a total beginner when it comes to olympic weightlifting? Join this small group class offered 1x/week. All levels welcome. 

Advanced Olympic Weightlifting

Join this class if you have been weightlifting for over 6 months, have a good understanding of the lifts and most of the terminology, and want to hone in on your skills. Must be coachable and open to feedback. This 90-minute class is structured with a warm-up specific for the lifts that day, followed by 1-2 parts of 15-20 min for a specific lift or complex, and ending with accessory work to complement those lifts and your overall strength and stamina. 

strength Classes

This class is about all things barbell. We'll work with you to improve flexibility/strength/technique on any of the major lifts. All levels welcome.

Fight Fit

Fight Fit is a cardio class with punching and kicking elements. Learn the basic hand and footwork combined with a full body conditioning workout. Great to improve coordination, agility and cardio. All levels welcome.

Personal Training

Many of our coaches offer personal training and can work around your work schedule. Do you need a little extra technique work on olympic or power lifting? Want to finally master a specific gymnastic skill? Would you rather have a 1:1 approach before joining classes? Are you interested in preparing for competition or need a sport specific training program?  Feel free to contact us.

Please Note: If you cancel Private Sessions less than 24h before they will be charged fully.

Mobility / Prehab classes

Mobility classes are offered 3x /week and are rotating between upper body, lower body and spine focus. They are largely premised off of Functional Range Conditioning and gymnastics training, so prepare to sweat. These classes also double up as prehab for specific body parts and are often structured with active ROM exercises, stretching, and strengthening for specific joints that support improved functional range of motion.

Handstand Basics

This class focuses on the building blocks needed for a solid handstand: body alignment, strength, balance and mobility. For anyone who’s uncomfortable being upside down or needs a better foundation for more advanced skills.


A combination of strict gymnastics strength and skill work needed for both strict and kipping movements. You’ll see a variety of classic Crossfit gymnastics, as well as calisthenics including levers, presses, L-holds and more. All levels welcome.


This class will focus on improving your general physical preparedness and your base engine, which will improve the efficiency of your heart and lungs to carry oxygen and nutrients to the muscles that need it during training. Be prepared to sweat a lot. All levels welcome.


Come to this class if would like to work on your explosivity and speed, running / jumping skills, and sport-specific training, all of which contribute to improved overall fitness, better olympic lifting and improved general Crossfit performance.


This hour-long class connects powerful and dynamic flows from various elements of Vinyasa and Ashtanga Yoga. This will help improve your core stability, strength, balance and flexibility. Furthermore, you can dive for a moment into the world of Yoga and give your body and soul a welcome counterbalance to your daily life and other trainings. All levels welcome.