THURSDAY 17.07.2014

A: 1-2 attempts for max rep BW back squats. Take 10min before to work up to a heavy (5RM) single. S1 75% BW, S2 50%BW

B:  3 rounds of the following Push up protocol, 2min rest between rounds:

5 reps each side: one arm medicine ball push off

10 reps (5 each side): crossover push up on medicine ball

10 reps: medicine ball close grip push up

5 reps: medicine ball dept jump push up

The whole protocol look like this

Try to use the numbers above without rest between exercises, scale to 3/3/4/4/8/5, 3/3/3/3/6/5 or less if needed to complete a full round. If you are still working on getting your first strict push up on the feet, work on normal push up progressions for 15min (scaled on box or bar, not on knees).

C: row 1k for time, starts in heat if needed