WEDNESDAY 09.07.2014

A: Perform 5 sets of the following snatch progressions: 

From the floor lift to the hang position, return to the floor and then perform a snatch (or power snatch if you have problems reaching full depth). 

Increase weight each time.

B: Perform 3 x 10 muscle ups in 5 minutes. If you finish all 3 sets perform 1 set of max muscle ups in the time remaining. 

If you don't have muscle ups yet do 10 minutes of muscle up practice. Practice kipping, practice hip drive, practice deep ring dips, whatever you need to improve your muscle ups. 

C: AMRAP in 8 minutes of: 

10 DB lunges (35lbs/25lbs), 

10 DB thrusters, 

10 pushups holding the DB. 

Use the same set of dumbbells throughout.