SATURDAY 21.11.15

A: 3 x 3 hang muscle snatch, 3 x 3snatch balance, 3 x 3 hang snatches. Increase weight between each set of excerise but not between reps. 

B: Find your max weightedpushup for today. Once you've found it use 50% of the weight for 3 rounds of max reps of weighted pushups resting at least 2 minutes between rounds. For a fourth final set remove all weight and go for max pushups.

C: Coach Isaac's Choice.

Endurance II

A: EMOM every 3 min for 27 mins:

1. Min 500m row

2. Min 40 cal AD

3. Min 40 burpees

B: Leg Endurance

Either finish fast or go for max 4 rounds:

5 minutes work 3 minutes off go as far as you can

2 laps running, 100 air squats, 100 burps, 2 laps running, 50 jumping lunges, 50 DUs, 2 laps running, 100 air squats, 100 burpees.