THURSDAY 03.12.15

A: 5 rounds of: 1 power clean, 3 front squats

B: At the top of a ring or bar row hold until your chest is no longer touching the bar or rings. As soon as your chest is off the bar rest 30 seconds. That is 1 rep. Perform 3 rounds of 3 reps. 

C: Perform 100 KB snatches for time (24kg/16kg). On the count of every 2 minutes perform 10 goblet squats with your KB.

ly Sessions:

Warm up 

i) Burgener warmup


Perform 5 rounds of 1 hang muscle snatch, 1 hang snatch, 1 snatch.

Accessory Work

Perform 5 rounds of 3 reps of snatch balance. Increase weight with each round.