Tuesday 11.04.2017

 0-3 min: 1 Muscle snatch
4-6 min: 2 Drop Sntaches
7-9 min: 1 Squat Snatch
Can increase weight each round as long as technique stays good.

B: Strict Ring Pull Ups 4x7 (Weighted only if sure all 4 sets can be completed unbroken w/out weight)
 Immediately after set: max false grip, chest 2 ring hold
(If not possible to do 7pull ups, do as many as possible and finish the set with negative pull ups or pull ups on the rack OR Do all sets as RIng Rows)

C: 6 Rounds:
30 sec Max Calories on Assault Bike or Rower
Rest 1 min between
Score= total Cal after 6 rounds