Thursday 13.04.2017

A: Spend 10 Min Working on C&J Technique
Every 30 Sec for 5 min (10 Rounds):
1 Power Clean
1 Push Jerk
1 Split Jerk
Keep weight light, focus on speed and technique

B: 5 Rounds for time (TC: 15 min)
7KB Push Presses per arm, 14 total (24/16)
20/15 Cal Row or 18/13 Cal AD
10m Handstand walk
(Scaling #1: Feet on box or wall ONLY if Can stay hollow, 20 Shoulder taps
Scale #2: 20m Backwards Bear Crawl)

C: 3 Sets:
20 Reverse Snow Angles
Make sure face, chest and legs are touching the ground during the snow angles. Down & up counts as 1 rep.