Dear Members

Thanks for your loyalty we are delighted to welcome you into the next chapter of Crossfit Zürich. At the moment we are full and can’t take any new members so we aren’t offering foundation courses. We would like to focus our efforts into our members and the community!

We are happy to welcome our new team member Karma at the reception. As well as competent guidance Karma offers you hiss homemade salads with local ingredients, fresh from your friendly neighborhood farmer. Throw in some sauce, shake it and enjoy the healthy meal. Let Karma know if you have any suggestions about what the team could improve behind the reception!

We have 3 new healthy protein bars from Pozzi. The Pozzi Bar has high-grade nutrients: 20g whey protein, 20g dietary fiber and 10g good fats. Its free of admixture, gluten free and covers your protein needs before or after the workout.

Unfortunately, we need to watch the dropping of bars! The vibration causes structural damage on our neighbor’s wall and vibration in the office. Therefore, we need to be resilient on the no dropping policy. Please follow the advices of your coach and don’t drop weights. We are in process of developing new drop mats and a new oly platform. Thanks for your understanding and remember not dropping is its on form of “extra work”!