Wednesday 24.05.2017

A: 5 Rounds:
1-3 Strict (Ring) Pull Ups w/ 15-30 Sec Iso Hold on Last Rep
30 -60 sec Wall Facing Handstand Hold
If athlete can't do strict pull up, jump to chin over bar and try to hold chin over bar.
Advanced athletes try to get rings to chest and do the iso hold as high as possible.

B: For Time:
21 Cal AB
15 Burpees
9 OH Squats (115/75)
Rest 3 min
Start 4 people at a time. Start a new heat after all 4 people finished on the bike. Everyone should keep track of their own time and rest and start the next workout accordingly.

C: For Time:
21 Sand Bag Cleans (Scaling: DB Cleans)
15 Box Jumps
9OH Plate Lunges on each side (45/25)
200m Farmer Carry w/DB or KBs